Yes, you will need a visa. They usually cost US$ 15 per person. Please contact your local Egyptian Embassy or Egyptian Consulate. For many nationalities, visas can be obtained upon arrival.

You can obtain a visa in Luxor in an exceptional case, for example, if it is difficult for you to get your visa otherwise, but normally you need a visa before travelling.

There is an Egyptian Consulate in Montreal to which you can apply for a visa by mail. You can contact them at (514) 866-8455.

Pets may enter Egypt provided you have a certificate of origin and a health certificate. There are no forms for this, but a dated, signed letter is acceptable. The certificate of origin may be provided by the pet store where your pet was purchased or by a vet. The certificate of health must be provided by a vet.
Unfortunately this cannot be done. Some cars may be ferried in, but in general, you should not plan on bringing your car into Egypt. Once here, you may rent a car, but in many instances I cannot even advise you to do that. Particularly in Cairo, it is much safer to take a cab, due to the driving habits of most people in Cairo.